Cell of Actinotaenium subtile. Notice the barrel-shaped cell outline, the single, lobostelloid chloroplast and the small dimensions.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 17 x 11 µm



Desmid of the month
November 2010

Actinotaenium subtile

A. subtile belongs to a group of small-sized Actinotaenium species which can be confused with each other rather easily. Cells of A. subtile are about barrel-shaped, with a very slight median constriction and a more or less truncate apex. Often, there is but a single (lobostelloid) chloroplast per cell. Like most Actinotaenium species, A. subtile prefers shallow, acidic, oligotrophic pools and puddles. In the Netherlands, most records originate from the province of Drenthe where it locally can be encountered in abundance.

Couple of cells of A. subtile enclosed in a common envelope.

Empty cell of A. subtile. Notice the truncate apices and a number of dispersed cell wall pores.

SEM image @ Marien van Westen

SEM image of A. subtile