Closterium cornu. Notice slightly curved cell gradually attenuating from the middle to the truncately rounded apices.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 53 x 6 µm



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April 2016

Closterium cornu

Cl. cornu is a small-sized, little-curved Closterium species somewhat resembling the common species Cl. acutum. As compared to the latter species, cells of Cl. cornu are characterized by a lower length to breadth ratio and relatively broad, obtuse apices. The zygospore of Cl. cornu, just like that in Cl. acutum, is quadrangular in outline and marked by horn-like processes. In the Netherlands, Cl. cornu is a rather rare species of acidic, oligo-mesotrophic bogs and moorland pools.

Closterium cornu, zygosporeImage © Marien van Westen

Zygospore of Cl. cornu. Notice quadrangular outline and horn-lke processes at the angles.