Image © Marien van Westen

Closterium limneticum. Notice straight, slender cell with parallel sides and narrowly rounded apices.
Cell dimensions (L x B): ca 190 x 4.5 µm

Another, even more slender cell of Closterium limneticum (to be accounted its var. tenue)



Desmid of the month
August 2017

Closterium limneticum

In the past, Closterium limneticum was often mistaken for Closterium gracile (desmid of January 2017). Both species are marked by slender cells which are straight with parallel sides for most of their length but rather abruptly bent toward the apices. Where, however, Cl. gracile is characterized by relatively broad, truncately rounded apices provided with an end-pore, cell ends in Cl. limneticum are more gradually attenuated to a narrowly rounded apex without a distinct pore (Růžička 1962). In the Netherlands, Cl. limneticum is a common species in the plankton of eutrophic, alkaline water bodies, sometimes even causing blooms.

Růžička, J., 1962. Closterium limneticum Lemm. 1899. Preslia 34: 176-189.

Bloom of Closterium limneticum in a preserved water sample.

Detail of some Closterium limneticum cells in the preserved sample.