Closterium subscoticum. Elongate cell with truncate, somewhat capitate apices. Notice subtle white dots in the cell margin marking the borders of false girdle bands.
Cell dimensions (L x B):305 x 11 µm


Desmid of the month
April 2023

Closterium subscoticum

Closterium subscoticum very much resembles Closterium juncidum (desmid of December 2022). Differences are mainly in cell wall sculpturing. Whereas cell wall in Cl. juncidum is finely striate and provided with true girdle bands (one or two, about equal in length, per cell), cell wall in Cl. subscoticum is smooth and provided with false girdle bands (segments varying in number and length). In the Netherlands, Cl. subscoticum is only known from a very few acidic pools.

Closterium subscoticum Terminal fragment of an empty cell showing suture lines of false girdle bands in cell wall.

Closterium subscoticum Less vital cell of Closterium subscoticum showing an irregular outline to be linked to some 3-4 false girdle bands in between the terminal segments.