Cell of Euastrum biscrobiculatum in vital condition, so with chloroplasts masking the characteristic cell wall sculpturing.
Cell dimensions (L x B): 33 x 24 µm

Empty cell of Euastrum biscrobiculatum showing cell wall sculpturing consisting of a prominent supraisthmial tubercle, two converging grooves and marked pits in the semicell centre (two in the upper semicell, one in the lower).



Desmid of the month
January 2020

Euastrum biscrobiculatum

In outline, cells of Euastrum biscrobiculatum may be easily confused with those of Eu. lacustre (desmid of August 2016). However, it is distinguished by quite another cell wall sculpture consisting of a supraisthmial tubercle, two grooves converging from the semicell base towards the apex as well as a number of marked pits (usually two) in the centre of the semicell. In the Netherlands, Eu. biscrobiculatum is of incidental occurrence, particularly in slightly acidic fen hollows.

SEM picture of Euastrum biscrobiculatum showing cell wall sculpturing in detail.