Hyalotheca mucosaImage © Jan Šťastný (after Czech material)

Filament of Hyalotheca mucosa (var. mucosa) Notice rectangular cell shape lacking a distinct sinus.

Cell dimensions (L x B): ca 15 x 18 µm.


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October 2012

Hyalotheca mucosa

As compared to Hyatheca dissiliens cells of H. mucosa are characterized by a higher length to breadth ratio, an even less distinct sinus and highly marked transversal rows of cell wall pores at the poles. Often, a cell sinus is hardly to be indicated. By this and an about cubic cell shape, dead (colourless) filaments of this species can be readily confused with species of the diatom genus Melosira.
H. mucosa is much less common than H. dissiliens and confined to acidic, oligotrophic habitats. In the Netherlands it is distinctly rare.

Another filament of H. mucosa focussed on the marked cell wall pores arranged in transversal rows at the apices. Notice radiating mucous fibrils.

Filament of H. mucosa var. laevicincta, a variety characterized by cells that are distinctly longer than broad.