Desmid of the month
June 2017

Pleurotaenium archeri

Pl. archeri is  a slender Pleurotaenium species with almost parallel sides. Semicells are characterized by a prominent basal inflation, a distinct constriction immediately above it and some joining slighter undulations. The truncately rounded apex is furnished with some small granules but those granules may be much reduced. In the Netherlands, Pl. archeri is a rather rare species occurring in mesotrophic habitats.

Pleurotaenium archeri. Notice slender cell (high length to breadth ratio) with about parallel sides and pronounced basal inflation of semicells. Cell dimensions (L x B): 490 x 32 µm

Another cell of Pleurotaenium archeri. Notice small granules at the apical angles.

Pleurotaenium archeri, detail of isthmial region. Notice prominent basal inflations and some joining slighter undulations.


Image © Alfred van Geest




Pleurotaenium archeri, detail of apical granules.