Cell of Pleurotaenium coronatum. Notice large cell dimensions and prominent apical tubercles.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 420 x 55 µm


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December 2010

Pleurotaenium coronatum

Pl. coronatum is a stout Pleurotaenium species. In addition to its large cell dimensions and an almost cylindric shape it is characterized by a whorl of prominent apical tubercles (hence its name 'coronatum', meaning furnished with a crown). In the Netherlands, Pl. coronatum is of rare occurrence in mesotrophic, slightly acidic to pH neutral water bodies. Recently it was encountered in a newly excavated peat pit.

Semicell end with stout apical tubercles. Notice also longitudinal, parietal chloroplast ribbons enclosing many small pyrenoids.

Pleurotaenium coronatum
Image © Christophe Brochard

Pl. coronatum cell from another Dutch population. Notice big terminal vacuoles containing a mass of small crystals.