Roya closterioidesImage © Henk Schulp

Cell of Roya closterioides. Notice the single, plate-like chloroplast with a notch in the midregion.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 98 x 3 µm



Desmid of the month
February 2012

Roya closterioides

As its name indicates, Roya closterioides resembles given representatives of the genus Closterium, in particular small-sized, slender, hardly curved  species. It may be recognized, however, by its single, plate-like chloroplast with a notch in the midregion making room for an eccentrically situated nucleus. Cells are almost straight (with a somewhat variable shape) from the middle gradually attenuating to the truncately rounded apices. Roya closterioides was only recently described (Coesel 2007) but in the Netherlands it has meanwhile been encountered (often abundantly) in various mesotrophic moorland pools. Because of its relatively small dimensions and very thin cell wall it may easily be overlooked.

Roya closterioides image © Henk Schulp

Two other cells of Roya closterioides (with an empty lorica of Dinobryon in between). Notice the somewhat variable cell shape.






Coesel, P.F.M., 2007. Taxonomic notes on Dutch desmids IV: new species, new names, new combinations. Systematics and Geography of Plants 77: 5-14.