Staurastrum pingue. Notice campanulate shape of semicell body and long, divergent processes.

Cell dimensions (L x B including processes): ca 55 x 60 µm

Cell of St. pingue in apical view well showing its triradiate constitution.

Empty semicell of St. pingue in apical view showing cell wall denticulations in more detail.



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May 2021

Staurastrum pingue

Cells of Staurastrum pingue are usually triradiate and characterized by long, divergent processes indicating a planktic way of life. Main morphological characteristic is in the campanulate shape of the semicell body. Whereas the processes — particularly on their dorsal and ventral side — are furnished with marked denticulations, the semicell body (apart from the very apex and istmial region) is destitute of ornamentation. In the Netherlands, Staurastrum pingue is a rather common plankter in various meso-eutrophic water bodies.

Another cell of St. pingue showing its processes in more focus.

Empty semicell of St. pingue showing some cell wall ornamentation at the processes and the apex of the semicell body.