Staurodesmus patens. Notice bowl-shaped semicells with short apical spines.

Cell dimensions (l x B): ca 20 x 20 µm



Desmid of the month
September 2022

Staurodesmus patens

Staurodesmus patens much resembles Staurodesmus dejectus. Just like that latter species semicells of Std. patens are triradiate, in frontal view bowl-shaped and provided with an upwardly directed spine at each of the apical angles. However, contrary to Std. dejectus, the isthmus of Std. patens is not  lengthened and semicell lobes in apical view are less slender. In the Netherlands, Std. patens is of occasional occurrence in various mesotrophic water bodies.

Another cell of Std. patens with compact, short-spined semicells.

Cell of Std. patens in apical view showing its triradiate configuration.