Tortitaenia trabeculata. Notice subcylindrical cell outline and almost straight chloroplast ridges running parallel to the longitudinal cell axis.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 115 x  13 µm*.

* In literature, usually larger cell dimensions are given.



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January 2015

Tortitaenia trabeculata

Tortitaenia trabeculata (synonym: Spirotaenia trabeculata) resembles Tortitaenia obscura.  As compared to the latter species, cells are subcylindrical instead of fusiform whereas the chloroplast ridges less strongly spiralize or even run almost parallel to the longitudinal cell axis. In the Netherlands, T. trabeculata is only known from a few sites where it was encountered in squeezings of Sphagnum.

Cell of Tortitaenia trabeculata showing slightly spiralizing chloroplast ridges. Notice also the reddish coloured, disc-like cap at the end of the chloroplast.

Part of another cell of Tortitaenia trabeculata showing delicate trabeculae between the chloroplast ridges.