Desmid of the month
October 2007

Closterium delpontei

Cl. delpontei is a rather large-sized, elegantly shaped  Closterium species *. Cells are about straight in the middle region (the ventral side more or less inflated) and from there gradually attenuate to the slightly curved ends. The cell wall is distinctly striate and usually yellow-brownish coloured. Most striking are its twin zygospores: couples of urn-shaped spores turned with their truncate side to each other. In the Netherlands, Cl. delpontei is of occasional occurrence in mesotrophic fen hollows and moorland pools. Zygospores are only incidentally encountered.

 * Closterium delpontei is closely allied to Cl. lineatum, intermediate forms are hard to identify.

Closterium delpontei

Cell dimensions (L x B): 650 x 27 µm


Detail of cell wall showing longitudinal striae with punctae in between



Twin zygospore of Closterium delpontei