Staurastrum levanderi. Cell of Staurastrum levanderi in frontal view. Notice triangular semicell body and slender, arm-like processes.
Cell dimensions (L x B): 25 x 35 µm

Cell of Staurastrum levanderi in apical view. Notice biradiate configuration, the semicell body rather abruptly passing into the processes.

A more slender form of St. levanderi known as its var. hollandicum.


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June 2023

Staurastrum levanderi

St. levanderi — a small-sized, biradiate Staurastrum with slender processes — a little bit resembles St. chaetoceras (desmid of November 2002). However, whereas cell wall granules in St. chaetoceras are mainly confined to concentric series around the processes, St. levanderi is marked by a characteristic ornamentation of the semicell body. In frontal view, the triangular semicell body is ornamented with three transversal series of acute granules: an apical, a subapical and an isthmial series. The granules in question are partly packed up into small groups. In the Netherlands, St. levanderi is incidentally encountered in plankton of meso-eutrophic water bodies.

SEM-foto van Staurastrum levanderi var. hollandicum in front-aanzicht.

St. levanderi (var. hollandicum). Notice cell wall ornamentation on semicell body consisting of an apical, a subapical and an isthmial series of granules.