Cell of Euastrum subalpinum marked by a shallow, V-shaped indentation of the apices and semicells consisting of a rectangular basal part and a likewise but narrower apical part. Notice that cell is distinctly longer than broad.
Cell dimensions (L x B): 20 x 14 µm


Desmid of the month
July 2023

Euastrum subalpinum

Eu. subalpinum is a small-sized Euastrum species that might be confused with Eu. gayanum (desmid of February 2019). Like that latter species semicells are about trapeziform with deeply concave lateral sides and a broad median V-shaped indentation at the apex. Cell wall ornamentation consists of some flattened tubercles near the semicell angles. However, whereas cells of Eu. gayanum are about as long as broad, those of Eu. subalpinum are distinctly longer than broad. In the Netherlands, Eu. subalpinum is of incidental occurrence in both fen hollows and moorland pools.

Empty cell of Eu. subalpinum showing a circular inflation in the semicell centre and some tubercles near the angles

SEM picture of Eu. subalpinum. Notice marked scrobiculation of the cell wall.