Another cell of Closterium incurvum with a slightly lesser degree of curvature (about 160 degrees) but still very strongly arched.
Cell dimensions (L x B): ca 75 x 15 µm


Desmid of the Month
April 2024

Closterium incurvum

Among the many Closterium species marked by an arched cell outline, Cl. incurvum stands out by the high degree of curvature of around 180 degrees, so cell shape is about semicircular. In general, cells are less then 100 µm in length and each chloroplast contains but one or a few pyrenoids. In the Netherlands, Closterium incurvum is a rather common species occurring in a wide range of meso-eutrophic habitats.

Closterium incurvum. Notice semicircular cell outline (curvature of about 180 degrees), smooth cell wall and narrowly rounded apices.

Cell of Closterium incurvum with a high degree of curvature of more than 190°, each chloroplast containing but a single pyrenoid.