Links to other Desmid sites

Ralfs, the British Desmidieae, 1848, completely online

Rupert Lenzenweger: Zieralgen - Desmidiaceen see also: Plates of Lenzenweger

Desmid image database, including West and West's British Desmidiaceae

Desmids, Introduction by Wim van Egmond

Gallery of Desmids (Jan Parmentier, Wim van Egmond)

Online pond-life identification-kit (Wim van Egmond, Dave Walker)

The Micropolitan Museum of microscopic art forms Wim van Egmond

Bill Ells' page, many links to (British) desmids

Desmidiacee italiane, (Italian desmids) by Gian Martello. With a book scan of J. B. Delponte, 1873 – Specimen Desmidiacearum Subalpinarum (21 plates)

The index nominum algarumHE INDEX NOMINUM ALGARUM

The Index Nominum Algarum, a compendium of all (ca. 200,000) algal names, is gradually being made available as a searchable database.

Algaebase Extensive database of > 60.000 algae species

Microscopy-UK - Desmids

PhD-thesis about phosphorus uptake kinetics in desmids by Elly Spijkerman

Desmids in the Oisterwijkse Vennen (Netherlands) Wim van Egmond

Phycological Society of America

Survey Green Algae

Links to many algae-catalogs

Koeltz bookshop