Euastrum minimum. Notice small dimensions, broadly V-shaped apical incurvation and dentate apical angles.
Cell dimensions (L x B): 10 x 11 µm

Partly empty cell of Euastrum minimum showing intramarginal granules at all angles.

Sem picture of Euastrum minimum.


Desmid of the Month
June 2024

Euastrum minimum*

As its name indicates, cell dimensions of Eu. minimum are remarkably small. As a consequence, cell wall ornamentation under light microscope is hard to detect, probably reason why it has also been described as a representative of the genus Cosmarium. Characteristic of the genus Euastrum is its V-shaped median apical incurvation, its dentate central semicell tumor and dentate apical angles. In the Netherlands, Eu. minimum is incidentally encountered in plankton of slightly eutrophic water bodies.

* Also known under its synonym:
  Cosmarium dilatatum Lütkemüller.

Euastrum minimum in apical view. Notice dentate, median inflation.

Euastrum minimum in lateral view. Notice median semicell inflations and dentate apices.