Desmid of the month
December 2009

Desmidium baileyi

In frontal view, the filamentous desmid Desmidium baileyi is characterized by more or less quadrate, hardly constricted cells. Semicell apices are deeply concave resulting in large cavities between adjacent cells. Cells may be 3- or 4-radiate (so triangular or quadrangular in apical view). Main occurrence of D. baileyi is in the tropics where it is widely distributed and locally common. European records usually refer to its var. caelatum differing from the nominate variety by a somewhat more pronounced cell sinus. In the Netherlands, like in other European countries, D. baileyi is very rare. Only a few finds are known, dating from the first half of the last century.

Filament of D. baileyi (var. caelatum). Notice the shallow cell sinus and the big cavity in between adjacent cells.

Diameter of filament: 25 µm

Filament (of 3-radiate cels) pictured in a somewhat oblique position so that cells seem to be asymmetric.

SEM image of Desmidium bayleyi var. caelatum

SEM image © Jan Šťastný




SEM image of Desmidium baileyi var. caelatum