Cell of Euastrum pectinatum. Notice the rather acutely rounded lobules rendering the cell an angular outline.

Cell dimensions (L x B): ca 65 x 45 µm



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September 2006

Euastrum pectinatum

Euastrum pectinatum is readily to be recognized by its angular cell shape. The basal part of the semicell is about rectangular in outline and the short, broad apical lobe is only slightly incurved in its median part. Except for some larger protuberances, cells are smooth-walled. In the Netherlands, Eu. pectinatum is rather common in mesotrophic quivering fen hollows; in moorland pools it is only of occasional occurrence. Zygospores are but rarely encountered.

Conjugated cells of Eu. pectinatum with a zygospore in between.

Zygospores of Eu. pectinatum are globular to oblong in shape and furnished with conical protuberances..


Euastrum pectinatum, SEM imageImage © Jan Šťastný

SEM picture of Eu. pectinatum showing a scrobiculate cell wall and a number of rather stout protuberances.