Cell of Mesoataenium caldariorum with one single, plate-like chloroplast. Notice the abruptly, somewhat conically attenuated cell ends.

Cell dimensions (L x B):  35 x 12 µm



Desmid of the month
August 2005

Mesotaenium caldariorum

Most Mesotaenium species are mutually hard to distinguish. M. caldariorum, however, may be readily recognized by the conically attenuated cell poles. Like other saccoderm desmids (Fam. Mesotaeniaceae) it is in particular to be expected in ephemeral pools, so habitats that alternately dry out and are flooded or wetted. The first find of M. caldariorum in the Netherlands was only very recently. However, as it may be easily overlooked presumably it is not as rare as  supposed.

Population of M. caldariorum (together with chlorococcalean algae) as encountered in a slimy, green layer covering part of a rain-pipe.