Cell of Micrasterias denticulata (var. angulosa). Notice the rounded semicell lobules.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 270 x 215 µm

Detail of M. denticulata cell showing rounded semicell lobules.



Desmid of the month
November 2007

Micrasterias denticulata

Micrasterias denticulata somewhat resembles Micrasterias thomasiana , in particular its var. notata that is characterized by a reduced cell wall sculpturing.  The essential difference between the two species is that the semicell lobules in M. thomasiana are marked by dentate angles whereas those in M. denticulata are rounded (so, actually, the name of M. denticulata is most confusing). In the Netherlands, M. denticulata is a rather rare species in mesotrophic quaking fen hollows.

Another cell of Micrasterias denticulata. (Like in Micrasterias jenneri, the chloroplast of M. denticulata usually makes a messy impression).