Pleurotaenium ehrenbergiiImage © Koos Meesters

Cell of Pleurotaenium ehrnbergii. Notice that semicells are highly cylindric in shape and furnished with a series of granules at the apex.

Cell dimensions (L x B):  450 x 23 µm


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May 2012

Pleurotaenium ehrenbergii

Pl. ehrenbergii is one of the most common Pleurotaenium species. It may be distinguished from the likewise common Pl. trabecula in that its semicells are almost perfectly cylindric (so with parallel lateral sides) and furnished with a whorl of granules at the apex. As compared to Pl. trabecula, Pl. ehrenbergii prefers a more acidic, meso-oligotrophic habitat. In the Netherlands it is widely distributed in acidic fen hollows, bogs and moorland pools. Zygospores are only incidentally encountered.

detail of cell endImage © Koos Meesters

Detail of cell end showing apical granules.

another cell of Pleurotaenium ehrenbergiiImage © Marien van Westen

Another cell of Pl. ehrenbergii surrounded by cells of Staurodesmus cuspidatus (and a single cell of Cosmarium formosulum).

zygospore of Pleurotaenium ehrenbergiimouse over images © Henk Schulp

Zygospore of Pl. ehrenbergii