Pleurotaenium simplicissimum. Notice long, slender cell lacking a distinct inflation at the semicell base.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 710 x 33 µm

SEM-image of cell end of P. simplicisissimum



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April 2021

Pleurotaenium simplicissimum

Pl. simplicissimum differs from other Pleurotaenium species in that it lacks a distinct inflation at the base of the semicells. Actually, it is even sometimes hard to distinguish the cell sinus. Cells are long (> 600 µm) and relatively slender whereas the cell wall is thin and not very clean-lined. The truncate apices are furnished with a series of small, closely spaced granules. In the Netherlands, Pleurotaenium simplicissimum is only sporadically encountered (in slightly acidic, mesotrophic habitats).

Cell of Pleurotaenium simplicissimum, detail of the middle region. Notice the thin, slightly undulate cell wall and hardly distinguishable cell sinus in the very centre.

Pleurotaenium simplicissimum, detail of cell end. Notice whorl of small, closely spaced granules at the very top.