Cell of Staurastrum teliferum in frontal view. Notice ellipsoid outline of the semicells  and rather evenly distributed, relatively stout spines.

Cell dimensions (L x B, exclusive of spines): 38 x 30 µm



Desmid of the month
July 2013

Staurastrum teliferum

S. teliferum is a medium-sized, 3-radiate, spinous Staurastrum species that somewhat resembles S. hystrix (desmid of June 2010). Contrary to that latter species, however, spines are not confined to the poles of the semicell lobes but also occur on the semicell flanks. In addition to that, outline of the semicells in frontal view is about elliptic rather than oblong-rectangular. In apical view, semicells are triangular with slightly concave sides and broadly rounded angles. In the Netherlands, S. teliferum is of occasional occurrence in acidic, oligo-mesotrophic bogs and moorland pools. Zygospores, only very recently encountered, are rare.

Cell of S. teliferum in rear view showing that the midst of the semicell flanks is spineless.

Cell of S. teliferum in apical view displaying a furcoid chloroplast and distribution of spines.

Empty semicell in apical view showing pattern of cell wall pores.

Globose, spiny zygospore of S. teliferum. When mature, spines are bifurcate at the apex.