Cell of Staurastrum vestitum in frontal view. Notice convergent processes and luxurious ornamentation with (furcate) spines.

Cell dimensions (L x B, including spines): ca 40 x 50 µm



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February 2013

Staurastrum vestitum

S. vestitum belongs to the large group of Staurastra marked by arm-like processes. In frontal view semicells are about fusiform, the lateral angles produced to form rather short, stout processes curving downwards in line with the apex of the semicell body.  The cell wall is furnished with both granules, verrucae and spines.

3-radiate cell of Staurastrum vestitum in apical view. Notice intramarginal and marginal series of (bifurcate) spines at each semicell side. The two marginal spines marking the middle of each side are distinctly longer than the other ones.





In apical view semicells are 3-4-radiate, along the sides furnished with a marginal and an intramarginal series of verrucae or spines, those in the middle of the marginal series being much more prominent than the others. S.vestitum is characteristic of acidic, oligo-mesotrophic water bodies. In the Netherlands it is of rare occurrence in moorland pools.