Cell of Tetmemorus granulatus. Semicells are gradually tapering from base to apex. Notice the apical, median incision characteristic of the genus Tetmemorus.

Cell dimensions (L x B): ca 170 x 35 µm




Desmid of the month
July 2008

Tetmemorus granulatus

The most common Tetmemorus species in the Netherlands is T. granulatus. It may be easily distinguished from T. brebissonii by the shape of the semicells: distinctly tapering from base to apex, versus  almost cylindric in T. brebissonii. In addition to that, cell wall pores are scattered (not arranged in longitudinal rows). Like all Tetmemorus species, T. granulatus is particularly to be encountered in peaty habitats but otherwise it has a relatively wide ecological range, occurring in both fens and bogs.

Empty semicell of T. granulatus showing scattered cell wall pores (not in distinct rows like in T. brebissonii).