4th International Symposium ‘'Biology and taxonomy of Green Algae'

Peter Coesel, Frans Kouwets and Ton Joosten attended the 4th International Symposium ‘'Biology and taxonomy of Green Algae' at Smolenice (Slovakia), June 2002. In the framework of a special desmid session, with 10 lectures and 4 poster contributions, organized by Peter, all three of them presented a lecture. Many of the contributions presented at the Smolenice symposium will be published in journal Biologia (Bratislava), possibly in the second half of 2003.


Participants of the desmid group’ at the 4th International Green Algal Symposium.

From left to right:

Carlos Bicudo (Brazil),
Marija Gligora (Croatia)
Kamila Trojankova (Czech Republic)
Michael Dingley (Australia)
Kirsten Olrik (Denmark)
Frans Kouwets (Netherlands)
Gizella Fehér (Hungary)
Anton Joosten (Netherlands)
Sylvie Nováková (Czech Republik)
Peter Coesel (Netherlands)
Andrey Gontcharov (Russia)
and Rima Briskaité (Lithuania)
Rupert Lenzenweger (Austria) is wanting.

At Smolenice symposium appointments have been made between Peter Coesel, Frans Kouwets and Rupert Lenzenweger on one hand and representatives of Gustav Fisher publishers on the other hand with respect to prospective desmid volumes in the series ‘Süsswasserflora von Mitteleuropa


Intended authors of desmid volumes in Süsswasserflora series.

From left to right:

Peter Coesel,
Frans Kouwets
Rupert Lenzenweger.