Short filament of Teilingia granulata. Notice the granules on the cell apices (only two of the four granules are visible) and along the lateral sides.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 10 x 13 µm



Desmid of the month
August 2007

Teilingia granulata

The filamentous genus Teilingia very much resembles the genus Spondylosium. The only difference is in the occurrence —  in cells of Teilingia — of some four, rectangularly arranged,  tubercle-like granules on each of the apices. Those granules are wanting in Spondylosium. Often, however, the apical protuberances are only poorly developed by which the two genera can easily confused. In Teilingia granulata, next to the apical granules also scattered granules on the lateral sides of the semicell are to be distinguished. In the Netherlands, T. granulata is a common species in various mesotrophic water bodies, both alkaline and acidic.

Cells of T. granulata (heavily infected by some fungal parasite) clearly showing the granulate nature of the cell wall (photograph in phase contrast)