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Detailled guide for the determination of desmids
2nd Edition


Desmids are green microalgae that play an important role in aquatic ecosystems. They are used in water quality assessment.
KNNV Publishing now presents the 2nd edition of this guide to identification and classification of these important organisms.

An indispensable flora for aquatic ecologists and professionals specialized in water quality management.


Investigators of freshwater ecosystems inevitably are faced with various microphytes. It is generally accepted that algal species (among which phytoplankters) are important indicators of water quality. In particular desmids (a group of green algae) are excellent indicators of environmental conditions such as pH, conductivity and trophic state of a water body.
In addition to that, because of their preferential occurrence in vulnerable habitats, desmids lend themselves well to figuring in conservation studies. It goes without saying that using desmid species to that end is only justified in case of a reliable identification.

The present flora (2nd revised and extended edition) aims to represent all desmid taxa known from the Netherlands and adjacent lowland areas. Some 600 and more than 150 additional varieties are dealt with and depicted. Because of a predominantly cosmopolitan nature of most species the present flora may also be of use outside the above mentioned geographical region.


Desmids of the Lowlands

Mesotaeniaceae and Desmidiaceae of the European Lowlands

Auteurs : Peter Coesel and Koos Meesters
Publisher : KNNV Publishing, The Netherlands
Language : English
Details : 424 page's, 26 x 18 cm, hardcover
Illustrations : black/white illustrations (136 plates and 21 text figures)
Year of publication : 2023
ISBN : 9789050119481
Price : € 89,95
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